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Intrinsyc Technology Accelerates Growth





Intrinsyc Technology is a company that I have covered for a long time.I have made several blogs on another site called Workathon stating that ITC has relied too much on one product line called it’s Open-Q computing modules.This is a computer type product that Quallcom has used for telephony.It appears to have both  3-G and 4-G equipment.And ITC modifies it to suit the client’s application.But things changed for Intrinsyc when it obtained a licence to modify and adapt the Open Q modules.And now it has increased it’s apps to include telematics as well as all the telephony applications.My blogs on Workathon have warned about relying too much on one product and slowing it’s revenue growth.But they seem to have averted this problem.And now they have solved another of their problems by looking for mergers or acquisitions with a company called Roth Capital Partners, doubltless a hot-shot American company based in California.

         First Increase the Revenues,then EBITDA

ITC has increased it’s revenues continuously over the last 5 years;now it’s annual    revenues are expected to be $33 million for 2018.My b log on Workathon  has warned ITC management not to rely on one product or revenues will suffer eventually.So Intrinsyc has licensed it’s Quallcom computers so that the number of applications has increased.And this blog has advised them to look more seriously at a couple of junior telcos and it appears that they may be doing just this with Roth Capital Partners.There is little doubt that this will increase the trajectory of revenues but EBITDA now suffers.It is likely that Intrinsyc Technology may even look at another small but effective acquisition.This blog will surely recommend it.

Revenues were growing at a  steady pace until 2016 but they were relying to a large extent on their main product – Open-Q computing modules supplied by Quallcom.My blog on Workathon warned of an impending downturn if they did not diversify.In 2017 they obtained a licensing agreement with Quallcom which allowed them to modify and adapt the computing modules.Since then revenues have accelerated so much so that in 2018 they achieved record revenues of $34 million.ITC says that in 2018 they have had “a strong and steady compound annual growth of  26.4% from 2014 to 2018.”However EBITDA has grown inconsistently over this period.As it was only $.57 million in 2017.This blog sees EBITDA in 2018 in the range of $1.5 to $1.8 million in 2018This is exemplary for a junior technology stock.

This means that their P/E ratio will be quite low for a growth stock.For example, Shopify,another technology stock has an EBITDA loss of  $37 million  and a negative P/E ratio.Stocks like Shopify,Intrinsyc Technoogy and Kinaxis focus on revenue growth in the early stages and very few like Tucows have a robust EBITDA.

    Continuing Growth in 2019

My blog on Workathon ( dated (05/09/2018) warned that ITC must change it’s relationship with it’s equipment supplier,Quallcom.ITC got a new licensing agreement and has increased it’s revenue growth. This blog also says that”ITC needs complimentary product lines”.This blog anticipates that it will soon have added  another subsidiary perhaps in digital payments solutions. As a consequence 2019 should show a continuation and perhaps acceleration of their trend between 2014-2018.It will probably adopt the business model of Kinaxis and Shopify with the emphasis on growing revenues.EBITDA for ITC  is small but not inconsequential and will likely show growth in 2018. On the other hand new product lines often have lower margins.However it must be remembered that many other software companies have negative EBITDA and are quite financially healthy.So investors should look for another small acquisition and ITC heading towards the $2.35-$2.55 level.           

Manufacturer’s Life benefits from diversification







Manufacturer’s Life Ins. is not your dad’s Manufacturer’s Life Ins.Yes it has made quite a few changes.It’s third quarter report came out on Novemeber 14 and it showed a number of significant changes.The press release says that “solid growth in Asia and global asset and asset management business contributed to the rise in earnings.”Additionally MFC reported a 42% increase in net income to C$1.57 billion.In addition, MFC recently announced 3 transactions that are expected to release over $1 billion of capital from their legacy business.

  Price Performance

Manufacturer’s has increased their revenues but earnings have been a little volatile over the last 3 years.And the price over 2018 has gradually fallen from $26 in January to $23 in June and now to around $20 a share.Now it’s P/E ratio is down to about 14.This is partly a reflection of  the market in general that has fallen off and partly a measure of the lack of positive sentiment for financial stocks.But it does also show American distaste for a Canadian insurance company that has about 40- 50% of it’s assets in U.S.A.It is certain that the value of trades on the NYSE now exceed that on the TSX but that may change in the not too distant future..And this blog feels that it is this diversification that Americans find distasteful.Not only is 50 to 60% of their business outside the U.S.A. but recently MFC has said that it is open to derisking or selling it’s long term care business in order to reduce the volatility of it’s stock.Furtermore Manufacturer’s says in it’s recent press release that “Asia’s new business value rose 30% in the third quarter”Americans could easily feel that if it is outside U.S.A.that it is more risky and require a lower P/E ratio.



     Long Term Prospects

Soon MFC will be a very healthy insurance company with substantial and growing earnings.This blog sees in 2019 that 60 to 70 % of their earnings may come from outside U.S.A. But still a significant amount of trading is done on the NYSE.This blog predicts that gradually the P/E ratio will start to rise as the e.p.s. rises.For example, Qtrade shows their e.p.s. only as $1.22 for 2017.But MFC has had 3 good quarters in 2018 and likely to have a good 4th quarter.If the fourth quarter is only slightly better than the third then 2018 e.p.s. should be above $2.50 per share.And this blog sees Manufacturer’s getting ready to divest some non-core American assets such as their long-term care business.This will free up capital to invest in Asia.MFC may fall  further in Q4 until word comes out about healthy earnings in Q4.There is little doubt that earnings and even some divestitures will bring MFC back to the $22-$24 price level.But not until 2019.   

Looking for a New Deal with Partners!


Blogdaleup is the blog that I use for irregular events or activities.The previous blog on Blogdaleup discussed my business activities and the form of my payment for them but not the amount.It stated that I deal mostly with A2 Acquisition and Robert Half and there was no direct payment for my referrals.In fact, the whole process is done indirectly or if you wish , by a gentlemen’s agreement.The only thing proving that the work is being done is the change in the price of the stocks involved.That and the fact that my girls are being trained.As that is the way I am being paid now-through the training of my girls.Examples of  the success of this gentlemen’s agreement abound.Intrinsyc Technology went from $.25 to $1.50 and at one time it traded at$2.50 before settling back.Tecsys went from $4 a share to it’s present $16.And of course there is Tucows. which is now a billion dollar company.

   Did I Find any New Partners?

A2 has done well in the last 2 years.In 2 years it has gone from a small M and A company to a company with a market capitalization of $30 to $40 million.Of course, many of it’s customers recognize the managers and this is definitely good for business.But A2 has changed somewhat also;it has gone from a simple M and A operator to a total acquisition consulting company.This has widened it’s customer base and increased revenues.

Robert Half has changed some also.It used to be a staffing company that handled staffing of junior and senior  managers..It did not search much for customers as they came to them.Now they get a considerable number of referrals from me.And they now do a sizeable business in consulting and consulting studies.This has widened it’s business also.                                     pexels-photo-872957.jpeg

Neither A2 nor Robert Half reacted to my last blog on Blogdaleup.They do not seem to be interested in a new deal with me.There is no handshake across the table.It is an invisible handshake and based on me seeing my daughters to know how they have fared.I did get a little implied interest from Caldwell Partners but nothing direct. And I am familiar with Mike;he will not likely give more than A2 but less.And he will not sign any papers either.

No big Deal it’s only a Referral

In one sense there is no big payment nor direct payment required because I am only giving a referral to an established M and A operator and staffing company.But the difference is that I have sent a number of companies that have lead to successful transactions.In addition, the customer companies have gotten new staff that has added to their value or market capitalization.So both A2 and Robert Half have seen that “my suggestions” have lead to increased business and revenues.In other words I have a good track record.In addition, both A2 and Robert Half have increased considerably in value while I have not.That is why I am looking for a new deal with more regular compensation.For a start maybe some of my girls could be given a few shares of  A2(MDNA) that I could see.    


Looking for new Partners?


I have worked with a man I call R.H. from Robert Half Personnel for some time now.And more recently with A2 Acquisition that has put together a number of deals that have been very successful.Their payment is  more direct than mine.A2 gets paid when a stock transaction has been completed;they get paid commissions on stock deals.R.H. gets paid when one of his consultants completes a project;the assumption is that the completed project helps the final customer or sometimes even A2  do their job better.In both cases there is value added from both of my partners doing their job.But my payment is more vague.Neither A2 nor R.H. pays me money in any direct way.My payment comes when the value of the transaction that I asked to be done goes higher and the resulting stock price goes higher.There are many examples of this happening.But unfortunately for me I do not have a contract setting out my payment.                             adult-background-business-computer-53508.jpeg

My Girls are in Training

My payment is in an indirect manner;I get rewarded if a number of my selected transactions bear fruit. However I am still waiting for an insurance award from Sun Life for which I have a signed contract.But I can get rewarded in another way.I have 3 daughters that are in training so that they can run their own business.And I expect my partners to help them and house them  temporarily at the Oakville Inn and help train them.This has happened only on an intermittent basis.And my partners do not seem to want to give them jobs even temporarily.Unfortunately if the training is taken away from my daughters then my pay amounts to a pittance.

    The Usual Fee

When I worked in real estate there was a fee called a “finder’s fee”.A real estate agent would sometimes pay up to 20% of their commission to get a customer that finalized a deal and paid him.This could easily amount to $ 1000 to $2500 on a normal purchase.This is an analogous situation as I refer customers to both R.H. and A2.However because of my extremely good track record my referrals are as they say golden.I have given referrals to both of my partners that have been very successful.For example, I have given several suggestions to Tecsys and seen it grow from $4 to now at $17.This is a gain of about $100 million.Certainly not all can be attributed to my suggestions but I have taken Tecsys on a path they had no intention of following on their own.A 20% payment on the total gain would be unusual and atronomical but 20% of the commission stock brokers received would certainly be well received.And I did have my stockbroker’s license;I can make trades.

R.H. on the other hand does mostly staffing and I give him leads on staffing jobs.Small technology companies need engineers (mostly electronic engineers).But there is pretty good demand for industrial engineers that study how to improve efficiency of  his customers.The new staff need payroll work and that goes to R.H along with the consulting.Most of the consulting work that I give him is efficiency studies but sometimes he gets assignments that look at the organization of staff.

person writing on notebook

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  Technology Oriented

My business, as I call it, is a specialized one in that it deals almost exclusively in junior technology stocks (listed on the TSX).Some are so small that they are not listed on the TSX.But none of these stocks have much of  a following.Which does make me a good fit with A2 and R.H;they are both technology oriented.So any new partners should have a technology basis.

  Any new Partners?

Should I get new partners now it is clearer what I am looking for.They should be in the area of staffing and mergers and acquisitions.Just as my present partners are.However I need a better contract;one that sets out what I am expected to do and what I am expected to get paid.Getting fringe benefits is interesting but not nearly as much as perhaps getting some equity in both of my partners’ companies.However there really are a number of ways of equalizing the scales for both partners.And a situation whereby my girls are being trained and housed well is a part-way step especially when they can see me every week.             

Kirkland Lake Gold acquires 4 million Novo shares


  Novo Resources?

This blog is where I cover technical matters that are not of major importance or monetary value.And I read in a recent press release where Kirkland Lake Gold spent C$20 million (plus diligence) to acquire a stake in a company called Novo Resources.The gain here is not yet readily apparent.In the background are two mesa in the Australian outback.They (in theory) could be close to an Australian mine called Maud Creek.This is a copper and gold mine in the Northern Territory of Australia.And Maud Creek is not too far from another gold mine called the Esmeraldo mine.The Maud Creek mine has had a positive Preliminary Economic Assessment using $C1200 for the final price of gold.This studt and other studies show that Maud Creek has 871,000 ounces of inferred ore and 344,000 ounces of indicated gold.In addition, it is about 100 kilometers from the Union Reefs processing facility.Union Reefs is also the processing centre for another Kirkland Lake mine called Cosmo.

The Cosmo mine also in Northen Territory was developped by the former owner called Crocodile Gold.Kirkland Lake has estimated that there is about 700,000 ounces of gold in the main Cosmo  mine.But Crocodile Gold was better at exploring than developing properties.They found that the main fault had extensions filled with gold and they also found that the vein of gold was in a basin.On the other side of the basin was another fault and it  had only a slightly less rich grade of gold ore.This vein does not seem to have been drilled yet.It is possible that the total amount of gold is closer to 1.25 million ounces with maybe 80,000 to 125,000 ounces already mined.Both Crocodile Gold and Kirkland Lake Gold were mining 15,000 to 25,000 ounces a year from Cosmo.



   A Better Use for $20 Million

The gain on the investment in Novo Resources is unknown perhaps $5 to $8 million.But an investment in a new mine entrance to the Cosmo  mine or the extension of the existing mine shaft would undoubtedly bring a larger return.There are sizeable extensions on the existing mine and a second vein that could possibly contain the same size of ore deposit as the existing Cosmo mine.Also the Maud Creek mine has had a positive PEA using $C1200 and it would likely only cost $1 to $2 million to complete a feasibility study.The mine could start as an open pit operation before a shaft need be built.This should be profitable as Maud Creek has at least 1.25 million ounces.      



Chorus Aviation improves North Bay

Chorus Aviation released it’s first quarter report recently and revenues and earnings were up from Q1 in 2016.Their business with Air Canada is still the backbone of it’s operation and business is fairly stable here.Their new business called Chorus Aviation Capital which leases aircraft to foreign carriers is doing better than many experts thought.Their main terminal is in Halifax and they have improved it and strengthened their maintenance operationThey even acquired a small maintenance operation in 2015 called Telesys to specialize in maintenance of regional jets..But in 2016 they acquired a small charter operation called Voyageur Airways;it has a hangar in North Bay and a small operation there. This will not replace their old operation in London, Ontario which they sold for cash but it will increase annual revenues.             pexels-photo-872957.jpeg

Voyageur Airways

At the time of acquisition this operation had mostly medical and engineering charters to other continents.Their aircraft was old and not very efficient.In short, It was making little profit for the Chorus operation.Chorus bought new aircraft and refurnished the older ones.And the business has increased the number of charters.The second quarter in 2017 showed that Voyageur Airways added $10  million to their consolidated adjusted EBITDA.Since then, there have been no reports.But knowing the reputation of Chorus they have probably increased the size of the operation and adjusted EBITDA from Voyageur.But what have they done with the North Bay operation?Little information has come on this matter from Chorus.This blog suggested in the last blog from Workathon (31/02/2017) that Chorus revamp this operation completely in order to have a central Canada presence and to replace their lost operation in London, Ontario.This blog would welcome any information on improvements and the size of investment here in the next quarterly report.One thing this  blog is sure of is that this operation has improved since  it was acquired in 2016 and brings in considerably more revenues. ;

Aimia Shareholders want a new Board


Aimia was trading around $9.00 per share in January,2017.Then Air Canada announced that they wouldn’t renew their Aeroplan reward program in June 2020.At the low point Aimia traded at about $1.50 per share..The Aimia board of directors could not come up with a Plan “B”.They did not come up with an amended Aeroplan program with Air Canada nor did they commence a lawsuit.This blog believed that Air Canada cannot single-handed cancel the contract without a good reason,as performance was not a problem.Next Aimia board sold off some non-core assets and paid down debt by $100 million. which was a smart idea.Aimia still has a considerable amount of non-core assets.

    Significant Shareholders don’t like the Board

Now the CEO,David Johnston, has resigned from the board before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).This was a face saving move as several sizeable shareholders but chiefly 22NW Fund of Seattle has called for shareholders not to support any of the legacy board.If directors do not get 50% of the votes cast then they will not be reelected.This blog supports this move.Although the stock price has recovered since the summer  the present board has done little to cause this move.This blog also believes that replacing David Johnston, by itself, should move the stock price up by 10%.He is an unorthodox leader and fundamental change is required.             pexels-photo-872957.jpeg

22 NWFund has a good track record and it believes that this is a disasterous loss of equity that has to be blamed squarely on the present board.At the peak, shareholders lost  about $1.2 billion and even now almost $1 billion.22NWFund points out that Aimia still has another $500 million of non-core assets that could be sold off to bolster cash on hand.But it is clear to this blog as well others that Aimia has tightened up it’s operation and reduced expenses.22NWFund also points out that loyalty programs are becoming more popular and with more work revenues could start to pick up above present revenue levels.Right now the legacy board must bring the stock price up to the $3 to $3.50 price level or there could be a slaughter at the AGM.         use Blogdaleup for technical solutions